Special Guest and Skeletons

Nurse Katie, from the Camden Country Health Department, came in this morning to talk to the children about Halloween Safety.  She also brought an information sheet for parents, a coloring sheet, and a glow necklace for the children to wear on Halloween.  The children were a wonderful audience!  Nurse Katie came in costume, she gave the children  wonderful information and kept them very engaged!  We may even make the local paper!  They took pictures and were sending them to the paper, keep an eye out!

We talked about skeletons today.  Yes, skeletons are something you think about when you think of Halloween, but they are also something all of us have inside our body.  We read a book earlier in the week called Halloween Hustle.  In this book a silly skeleton likes to dance, but he can’t keep himself from falling apart.  He tries rubber bands, twine, and finally some super sticky glue to keep his bones together.  We have bones inside of our body too, and they are very important.  Without our skeleton we would just be a blob on the ground.   We also talked about one way you can see your bones is to get an x-ray.  For art time we made a skeleton by gluing a head and then tearing paper to make the bones of the skeleton, we also made an x-ray by tracing our hand and gluing cotton swabs on the inside to look like the bones in our hand.

Thank You So Much Miss Wendy for playing with us today.  Miss Brittany will be taking a few days off, but she will be back soon!

REMINDER: Trick-or-Treating Field Trip and Halloween Party are Friday.  If you have any questions call, text, or e-mail.

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